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Godzilla’s point of view

He rolled a joint, lit up, and settled in in front of All-Nite Freaky Features, where Godzilligan’s Island, a movie for TV in which the Japanese monster meets the sitcom castaways, was just about to begin. Over the opening credits, Godzilla, out in search of some R&R after his latest urban-demolition binge, stumbles—literally—upon the Island, causing immediate anxiety among the survivors of the Minnow’s historic cruise.

“We just have to stay alive,” as Mary Ann explains it to Ginger, “till the Japanese Self-Defense Forces get on the case, which is usually quicker than you can say ‘kamikaze.’”

“Ka-mi—” Ginger begins, but is drowned out by a skyful of jet-fighter aircraft, which begin to fire rockets at Godzilla, who as usual is no more than mildly inconvenienced. “See?” nods Mary Ann, as the laugh track also explodes in mirth. Unnoticed in the uproar, the Professor has arrived with a peculiar-looking piece of anti-Godzilla weaponry he has been working on, featuring various analog control panels, parabolic antennas, and giant helical glass coils pulsing with an unearthly purple glow, but before he can get to demonstrate it, Gilligan, mistaking the device for the Skipper, falls out of a tree on top of it, narrowly avoiding irradiation and impalement. “I just got it calibrated!” cries the Prof in dismay. “Maybe it’s still in warranty?” wonders Gilligan.

We get a crane shot from what is supposed to be Godzilla’s point of view. He is looking down at the behavior on the Island, endearingly perplexed as always, scratching his head in a way meant to remind us of Stan Laurel. Fade to commercial.

Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice


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So that was that

Thus, the author called Meredith: “Hey.” “Hey.” “So, do you mind doing [such and such] and saying [such and such], which in real life you did not actually do and say?” “No, not at all.” So that was that.

Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius

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Before all this talk about Internet freedom began in earnest, no political leader would think of Twitter users as a serious political force to contend with. They were seen as just a bunch of bored hipsters, who had an irresistible urge to share their breakfast plans. Suddenly, almost overnight, these tweeting bohemians became the Che Guevaras of the Internet. And which dictator, we might ask, wants a battalion of iPad-armed revolutionaries drifting through his sushi bars in search of fellow conspirators?

Evgeny Morozov, The Net Delusion

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Einer muss es ja tun

Einer muss es ja tun, sagte sie, einer muss sich ja schließlich die Mühe machen, die Menschen und ihre Namen zur Deckung zu bringen, weil die meisten Leute, sagte sie, bei Regen nun mal andere Namen tragen als bei Sonne, so wie du dienstags nicht ungestraft mit demselben Namen aus dem Haus gehen kannst wie sonntags, das versteht sich von selbst, genauso wenig, wie du im Mai als der herumlaufen kannst, der du noch im Januar glaubtest zu sein, das wäre, unter uns, doch komisch.

Felicitas Hoppe, Hoppe

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